Save Instantly on Qualifying Home Upgrades

Looking to improve your energy efficiency at home? We work with participating distributors to provide instant discounts on qualifying home energy improvements that help lower your energy bill and improve your everyday comfort.

If your contractor works with a participating distributor, the discount is automatically applied to your purchase to give you instant savings—no wait or rebate paperwork required. Check the chart below to see how much you can save on your next energy-efficient upgrade.

Available Discounts 

Product Minimum Requirements* Instant Discount
ENERGY STAR® Air Source Heat Pump (Tier 1) SEER2>15.2, EER2>11.7, HSPF2>7.8 $325
ENERGY STAR Air Source Heat Pump (Tier 2) SEER2>16.3, EER2>12.9, HSPF2>8.2 $425
ENERGY STAR Central A/C (Tier 1) SEER2>15.2, EER2>12 $175
ENERGY STAR Central A/C (Tier 2) SEER2>16.3, EER2>12.9 $275
ENERGY STAR Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump SEER2>15.2, EER2>11.7, HSPF2>7.8 $375 per outdoor unit
ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater UEF>3.3 $375

Distributors receive a $25 payment for their administrative coordination.


Beginning August 1, 2023, heat pump water heaters are required to receive a UEF rating of at least 3.3 to qualify.


*For equipment rated only in SEER/EER/HSPF and installed after June 1, we will convert  to SEER2/EER2/HSPF2 values to determine eligibility.


Eligibility details:

  • Discount applies to eligible equipment purchased by your contractor at a participating distributor.
  • No rebate application is required. Your contractor will simply ask you to provide your PPL account number when scheduling your upgrade.
  • If a PPL instant discount is applied to your equipment by the distributor, you are not eligible to receive an additional rebate for the same equipment.


Get started.

Ask your contractor if they work with a participating instant discount distributor. If not, have them contact John Hollinger at 1-610-334-0803 or [email protected] for more information.



Contact us at 1-877-486-9204 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.