Air Source Heat Pump
Heating and Cooling
ENERGY STAR Air-Source Heat Pump

Often used in mild climates, air-source heat pumps use the difference between outdoor and indoor air temperatures to heat and cool your home.

  • Use about 5 percent less energy than conventional new models.
  • Can improve indoor comfort and air quality all year.
  • Lower annual energy costs combined with rebates create a quick payback period, despite higher upfront costs.

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Rebate Eligibility

  • Must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  • SEER 16, EER 12.5, HSPF 9 – $350 rebate.
  • SEER 17.5, EER 13.5, HSPF 9.7 – $450 rebate.

HVAC equipment must be rated in the AHRI database.

AHRI certificates for eligible HVAC systems must include all equipment—indoor coils, outdoor coils, furnaces, etc. AHRI ratings for individual components of a system will not be considered valid.


Get Started

Funds are limited, and PPL Electric Utilities reserves the right at any time to extend, modify or terminate the rebate program.

Rebate: $350 for SEER ≥ 16
Rebate: $450 for SEER ≥ 17.5