ENERGY STAR® Certified Refrigerator
ENERGY STAR Certified Refrigerator
  • 9 percent more energy efficient than minimum federal standards.
  • Can save more than $260 in lifetime costs over a non-qualified model.

Buying Guide

  • Consider buying a refrigerator with a top-mounted freezer.
  • An ENERGY STAR certified top-freezer refrigerator uses less energy than a 60-watt light bulb.
  • Purchase an appropriately sized refrigerator.
  • Generally, larger refrigerators use more energy. The most energy-efficient models are typically 16–20 cubic feet.
  • Retire your old refrigerator and upgrade.
  • On average, an old refrigerator uses about 35 percent more energy than a model that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. If your main or second refrigerator is over 10 years old, it me be time to upgrade with a rebate from PPL.
  • Recycle when you’re ready!
  • If you buy a new refrigerator, PPL will come pick up your old one for free, recycle it, then send you $50. Schedule your pickup.

 energystar_logoRead the Full Guide on ENERGY STAR

Rebate Eligibility   

  • Must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  • $50 rebate.
  • Must replace existing equipment; compact refrigerators are not eligible; new construction does not qualify.
  • Limit of four rebates per account between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2026.

Free Recycling

PPL makes recycling your old refrigerator easy and pays you to do it! Schedule your FREE pickup online, then we’ll send you a check for $50. It’s that simple.

Schedule Free Pickup

Funds are limited, and PPL Electric Utilities reserves the right at any time to extend, modify or terminate the rebate program.