ENERGY STAR® Certified Smart Thermostats
Heating and Cooling
ENERGY STAR Certified Smart Thermostats

Energy-saving features may include:

  • Learns to automatically adjust your home’s temperature conveniently around your comfort preference and schedule.
  • Allows control straight from your smartphone.
  • Adjusts before you leave and return for the day using geofencing.
  • Provides access to insights and data to help you understand your energy use.
  • Updates periodically so you’re always using the latest energy-saving software.

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Rebate Eligibility

  • Must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Self or contractor installed - $50 rebate.
  • PPL Trade Ally installed - $100 rebate.
  • Homes must have air-source heat pump, fossil fuel heating with central A/C, or electric furnace with central A/C (neither baseboard heating, geothermal nor mini-split heat pumps are eligible).
  • PPL Trade Ally installations must have a labor invoice to qualify.
  • Limit of five rebates per account between June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2026.
  • All self-installed thermostats may be subject to additional verification to confirm heat source eligibility, including physical inspection.

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Funds are limited, and PPL Electric Utilities reserves the right at any time to extend, modify or terminate the rebate program.

Rebate: $50 self or contractor installed
Rebate: $100 PPL Trade Ally installed