Small Appliance Recycling Drop-Off Events

Get paid for your old appliances

We’ll be hosting a series of free drop-off events that make it easy for customers to responsibility recycle their small appliances. If you have any old room air conditioners or dehumidifiers still in working condition, just drop them off and we’ll mail you a $10 rebate for each one. 

Join the waitlist

Dates and locations will be announced approximately two weeks before each event. Add your name to our waitlist to be among the first to know if an event is in your area.

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Recycling multiple units? 

Home or curbside appliance pickups are also available, if you are recycling a refrigerator, freezer, or multiple dehumidifiers or room A/Cs.

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  • You must have an active electric account with PPL Electric Utilities.
  • Only room air conditioners or dehumidifiers are accepted at drop-off events.
  • Units must be in working condition to align with our program goal of removing inefficient electric load from the grid.