Saving energy and money is as easy as 1-2-3

Whether you are a new customer or have a new focus on reducing your energy consumption, our programs can help you. We offer a broad range of rebates, discounts, and services.


Here are the three best ways to start finding and implementing the best opportunities for savings in your home.


1. Complete a home energy assessment

Scheduling a no-cost virtual assessment with one of our energy advisors is the best way to identify opportunities in your home. During this 30-minute phone consultation, you’ll receive recommendations for rebates you may be eligible for. You’ll also receive a free energy savings kit.


A virtual assessment is our top recommendation for most customers.


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If you’re looking for an in-person consultation, consider an in-home audit. Our customers can receive a rebate up to $350 and a free energy savings kit. During the audit, a Building Performance Institute certified contractor will review your heating and cooling systems and provide energy-saving recommendations specific to your home. A blower door test will evaluate air leakage in your home.


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If you decide to replace an older appliance after your assessment, consider recycling the appliance to receive up to a $50 rebate. We currently offer recycling for qualifying refrigerators, freezers, room A/Cs, and dehumidifiers.


Schedule your virtual assessment or in-home audit today!


2. Bundle rebates, bonus rebates, and tax credits to maximize savings

Bundle savings to go beyond the individual rebates for your home upgrades. You can receive up to an additional $350 in bonus rebates when you complete multiple qualifying upgrades. Projects may also qualify for up to $3,200 in federal tax credits.


A single project may qualify for a rebate, tax credit, and progress towards a bonus rebate.


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3. Shop online for instant discounts

Once you find your most relevant rebate options through a home assessment, shop our online marketplace for instant discounts on ENERGY STAR® certified products including smart thermostats, room A/Cs, dehumidifiers, and advanced power strips.


With our instant discounts, no rebate forms are required! Your new efficient products will be shipped directly to your home.


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We’re here to help

If you have a question about our program or the status of a rebate application, let us know. You can check your rebate status online, call us at 1-877-486-9204, or email us at [email protected].