Complete three energy-saving upgrades in one year and earn an additional $350 through our Comprehensive Retrofit Bonus.

We love saving you energy, and this year we're giving back with big bonuses for reaching major energy efficiency milestones in your home.

Here’s how it works:


1. Choose two or more energy efficiency upgrades from the lists below, including at least one weatherization improvement to complete within one year.


2. Earn $250 when you complete one weatherization upgrade and any other eligible improvement.


3. Finish just one more eligible upgrade to earn the maximum $350.


Weatherization upgrades include:

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Let’s Look at an Example

1  2  comprehensive

Jane Smith recently finished an In-Home Audit with a participating trade ally who recommended improvements to do air sealing, attic insulation, plus an air-source heat pump upgrade for maximum energy savings. Here’s how the savings added up.

- 75 percent of the attic insulation costs were covered by incentives.
- The air sealing upgrade came with a $200 rebate.
- Finishing both upgrades earned Janie a $250 bonus.
- Excited by lower bills, Janie moved forward with an air-source heat pump upgrade as well and received a $450 rebate.
- With three qualifying upgrades complete, an additional $100 bonus was sent her way, reaching the maximum $350 bonus incentive!

With all those rewards and energy savings, the upgrades will pay for themselves in no time. Make an appointment with a contractor today to start your energy efficiency journey!